Battle at Thorn River

As Lorn is walking towards Elard with his warhammer at the ready, Rise swiftly steps in between them, halting the half-ogre in his path. She then presses for a clean hanging of their prisoners, with the exception of Caith who, though a coward, has repented well enough to save himself from certain death. There is some argument of how to hang these men without proper gallows, but soon enough, rope is found, bandits are marched to the top of the gate and four bodies hang. One of the men manages to hang without breaking his neck, which causes a bit of hurried crossbow loading so as to end his pain. Elard opts for beheading, a gruesome ordeal by Bunka’s ragged blade. When all is said and done, the bodies are buried and Oleg and Svetlanna venture out of their house to thank the party. They give all that they can: 50 gold pieces and free room and board indefinitely. Svetlanna can barely hold back her tears of relief and thanks each member of the party personally, clasping their hands and touching her forehead to them.

Yet more bandits remain in the forest, and therefore present a danger to the trading post and the eventual city. With that in mind, the party leaves to find the Thorn River camp, using Caith as a stumbling, whining guide. The first day of travel is peaceful, ending with the discovery of a trap laid in the underbrush of the forest. At the end of the second day, the group finds the camp and sends Caesin and Rise to investigate first. Rise almost lands herself in hot water when her foot loudly snaps a tree branch, but manages to slip away without notice even as two of the bandits are approaching her spot. Shortly afterward, the battle is begun with Duchess bounding into the camp and mauling the first man: Murm. Now alert and more than a little startled, the bandits jump to their feet and draw their weapons. The battle is difficult, resulting in much blood shed and Rise and Rudi falling unconscious to their wounds. In the end, with the help of the massive hyenadon and the skill of the party, the battle is won. Loot is broken out and wounds are healed and there are significantly less bandits left in the Stolen Lands.



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