The next day the bandits arrive as predicted. They are more than a little surprised to see Lorn, Rudi and Bunka waiting for them but try to pass themselves off as prospective buyers. Things quickly deteriorate when Lorn asks them a few times to leave and Bunka backs him up. Haps Bydon, the leader, a squirrely looking man with a longbow on his back and a sour look on his face, makes a show of bravery. This leads to a fight between the bandits and the expedition party, while the Levittons hide in their house. Duchess makes a rather viscious end to Haps when she eats him head first and is restrained from snacking on the other bandits just in time by Gaius.

Things begin to look grim as the fight ends abruptly with the bandits surrendering, some more willingly than others. Splitting them up, you each interrogate them to establish a baseline for their stories and see how much information you can extract. Every one of them is terrified of the Stag Lord to the point of refusing any help or offers of citizenship in the yet-to-be-built city. Eager to deal justice, Lorn is convinced that the bandits should be killed. Caesin and Bunka agree, though perhaps for different reasons, while Rudi, Gaius and Rise advocate less lethal forms of punishment such as branding. Amidst the talk, Lorn pulls Caesin aside and out of earshot for a few moments. When they return the debate is swiftly ended by the solicitor hefting his hammer, then swinging it down on one of the bandits’ heads.



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