Arrival at Oleg's

Ten years ago House Rogarvia disappeared. Their mansions were left empty as if the inhabitants packed up all their things and fled without notice. Now House Surtova rules Brevoy which is divided into the regions of Issia and Rostland. You have been chosen to make up one of four expedition parties to reclaim the Stolen Lands, a 35,000 mile area that so far no one group has been able to hold for very long. If you succeed, Brevoy will grow that much more and the fighting over the land can hopefully cease forever. Be wary of what lies in the Stolen Lands: centaurs, bandits, boggarts and worse.

Oleg’s Trading Post has been under attack by a group of bandits. They arrive an hour or two after sunrise and take all they can carry from Oleg’s store house back with them. The first time they arrived there was a woman wielding two hatchets and a total of twelve bandits. The next two visits were made without the woman and with two less bandits each time. If the pattern holds, only six bandits will arrive this next visit. Svetlana believes that they live to the Southeast of the trading post.



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