Rudiger, son of Oglaf the Broad

The Dwarf-manservant


Race: Dwarf
Role: Dwarfservant, brewing
Affiliations: House of Oglaf the Broad
Pets: Rutherford (bulldog, currently living with his brother’s family)


Rudi is one of the younger sons in a large family, who are well known for their brewing prowess. Rudi left the dwarven community to accompany his families’ brews on their trade routes to New Stetven. He enjoyed getting away from the shadow of his family for a while and followed the ale to lively pubs and betting establishments. Occasionally employed as an extra barhand/bouncer, he eventually found himself to be a capable competitor and promoter in the informal world of less-than-lethal sport fighting. He tried his hand at various codes of wooden swordplay, boxing, and wrestling-type fights as well as athletic/strongman tests for the paying (and betting) patrons. Rudi found success in the competitions, but made some enemies with his refusal to rig fights or competitions.

How does he get involved in this Kingmaker business? A chance meeting left Gaius impressed by Rudi’s martial prowess, especially while unarmed. He hired Rudi as his personal bodyguard and sherpa in exchange for trade influence on behalf of Rudi’s family ales and the connection to make Rudi a full charter member of the expedition. Rudi has been outfitted with the colors and traveling finery befitting a servant of Orlovsky, and the lack of visible arms makes him a low-key, but potent bodyguard.

Rudiger, son of Oglaf the Broad

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