Of Mites and Kobolds

The reinforcements showed up at Oleg's Trading post: four Restov guards stationed to the post to ensure it's protection. After getting some rest at the post, the party decides to visit Jhod, a hermit that makes potions. Jhod is a bit eccentric and speaks in a way that gives the impression of wanting to make the conversation as short as possible, unless it's about a transaction. He asks a favor of the party: pick some fangberries and bring them back to him in return for a discount.

Setting off due South, the party happens upon a grizzly bear eating the corpse of a kobold and two worgs that are apparently hunting. After dispatching with these unwelcome creatures, the party settles down for the night and continues to travel. During their exploration a hidden treasure cache is found under a tree. They also meet David Nettle, an undead waterlogged corpse who wants nothing more than the Stag Lord to be thrown into the river so that he may finally get his revenge. Promising that they will bring the Stag Lord down and to the river, the party moves on, towards the Sootscale Caverns. Outside of the caverns is a mite in a cage. There is also a kobold guarding the entrance named Nakpik who surrenders to the party and agrees to lead them to the leader of the kobolds. The party soon learns that Tartuk an evil sorcerer is sacrificing the kobolds to Old Sharptooth in order to keep a curse at bay. There are only 20 kobolds left from all the sacrifices, a paltry number. Tartuk is a purple kobold, something that should not exist and a manipulative and evil leader.

The mighty heroes retrieved a venerated (if mundane) statue for the kobolds at the request of Sootscale and Tartuk, but on their return did battle with Tartuk, convincing the remaining beleaguered kobolds to join them in the fray.  First our heroes tore the roof off of Tartuk's chambers, and then they tore the roof off of Tartuk, the little hateful purple bastard.


Satisfied, they then had a picnic. 



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